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The society of individual stands, values, norms, ideologies and attributions has evolved tremendously, yet what seems unsaid is the prognosis of a better tomorrow, the media drastically evolves on every ticking seconds on the clock, but what seems deficit is the assurance of a well illuminated future.

BTR TV/LENSES Isn’t another advent of prejudice but the mystery unseen in the media industry.

Better tomorrow TV/LENSES specifically operates on the digitalized rank of the media length and the area of functionality of the nearest future objectified broadcast and cinematography.

A subdivision of the BTR TV is the BTR LENSES, A cinematographic division that operates at the summit of the cinematographic realm of profession.

The BTR TV maidens’ diverse digital television shows which has yet immersed the populace with massive effect namely “THE LADIES CLOSET, STREET GIST, CRAZY HOUSEMATES and lots more.
The BTR TV news round on, is a compilation of dynamic insight on information resourcing across the globe touching all verses of life, namely “POLITICS, ENTERTAINMENT, SPORTS, WORLD NEWS and lots more.

The BTR TV operates on all viral social media channels ranging from YOUTUBE- BTR TV, FACEBOOK- BTR TV, TWITTER- BTR TV and INSTAGRAM- BTR TV”.

The BTR Lenses offers various cinematographic services ranging from “MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION, MOVIE PRODUCTION, PHOTOGRAPHY, VISUAL & AUDIO EDITING” And all several on-screen & off-screen profession. All subsections of BTR TV/BTR LENSES armed with all full field experience on the audio visual medium and cinematographic services. “BTR TV / LENSES, DESIGNED TO INSPIRE”



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