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The true picture of many relationships, many of us are guilty of this, Almost all of us are guilty with diff points, including me.

We sometimes get too busy, forgetting that we have loved ones craving for our attention.

Husbands get so carried away that they do not notice their wife is hurt or lonely. Loneliness can crawl in even while you live with someone as long as the person is not responsive.

For married man that cheats, they exhaust all their sexual prowess on side chick and get weak to make their own wife moan at night, they sleep off and snore while she yearn and crave for him like a fish would crave for water.

Sometimes we may even be in talking terms with our patner, gist, touch, play and gist but if you do not understand her love language she may still feel alone even in your presence.

This is why many lovers find it interesting to engage in chat with someone else online while their lover is sitting right their beside them.

Have you not heard story of fathers that are generous and playful to everyone but cold and boring to his own wife and children?

Why do patners even get bored gan sef? Ok i think men are wired to like varieties, He is seriously carried away by the new things he sees on social media, so, spice it up, be new, don’t repeat the same yesterday approach, be creative. Add values, o se koko, and a close marking is key.

Chose someone u are fun of, someone u can easily open up to, the one who listens to ur complains and adjust. A free minded person that will date ur future and not ur past.

Almost all of us are on this table. We can make a diff. It is not from men to women alone, it comes from women to men too, alot if women don’t even know their husband is feeling lonely.

PhotoCredit : Btr Lenses
Models: Photo Students of BTR Academy



Cinematographer, Photographer, OAP, Actor, Compere & Motivator. he shoot films & Music videos. He is the Director at BTR TV, BTR Lenses and BTR Media Academy. He wants to inspire the world through Films

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