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Banning of plastic bags in Kenya has improved the environmental status of the country thus reducing environmental pollution.

The study supported by the National environmental management Agency(NEMA) found that more than 50% of cattle in urban settlement were found to have plastic bags in their stomach which is damaging their health.

Since the ban became a law with penalty when whenever it is being violated,there has been an encouraging improvement as 80% of the population have stopped using plastic carrier bags.

Kenya government has promised to fine anyone found manufacturing, importing,or selling a plastic carrier bag with the amount of $40,000 or sentenced to jail for 4 years.And anyone using it will be jailed for a year or carry fine of more than $500 .

Narry Githayi WWF Kenya’s policy and research manager said previously driving from Nairobi to places like Masai mara you would see plastic bags hanging on tress after being blown away and getting stucked which is making the community untidy.

Recently,there has been praises from environmental charities because of the huge Impact on the country-fewer plastic bags are now found inside cows.

By Adewumi Iyanda.

Plastic bags found inside cows in Kenya.

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