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BTR TV is an online TV designed to Inspire, Inform, Educate and Entertain you. We are information conscious and we put you first. Our ears are wide open to criticism, contribution, correction and advice.


Adewale Adediran known as  Beta Wale hails from Osogbo in Osun state of Nigeria, he believes deeply that every man is imbedded with a gift and that gift alone can stand a him out, so, he is always challenging people to find out who they are, he speaks 3 languages consisting Yoruba, Hausa and English, Beta Wale decided not to ever work for a government or private organization, so he did not even have a curriculum vitae, he is a preacher of entrepreneurship, so he is doing everything possible to avoid submitting CV anywhere, He solely organized several seminars for youths and secondary school students, debate and quiz, he has stage the book “women of owu” twice for students sitting for literature in WAEC/NECO to help them understand the book better, he organized and led the “bring back our girls rally in Osun state which was transmitted on international TV stations and several other projects.

He has been a TV and Radio presenter for about 7yrs, the show is all about curbing youths from social vices. Beta Wale is not a musicologist but he appreciates good music lyrics. He has trained comedians, raised models, trained lots of TV presenters who currently anchor different programmes, and he has also trained actors, film editors and cinematographers. His real passion is filming, he want to correct social vices and inspire the world through films, he has shot many skits and music video but preparing for his first film production, his role model in filming are Steven Spielberg, Ryan Conolly, Kunle Afolayan and Tunde Kelani…Humility is the first thing that attracts him to the opposite sex. In short Beta Adewale Adediran is an Actor, Dancer, Cinematographer, TV host, Film Editor, film director, motivator etc. He is funny to be with. He is a bachelor.

BTR TV, coined from better tomorrow is a brainchild of better tomorrow TV Show and BTR lenses, established to serve as a medium to inform, entertain and educate the public.


The Online TV activities shall be coming up on our TV website and social media handles, with different programmes… on our list of programmes are the following: –

  • 1. Arduous Woman: – A narrative drama series that tells the story of women’s experience in relationship, school, as a wife and a mother, it will basically tell how weak, strong, emotional, creative and enduring a woman can be… You do not want to miss this.
  • 2. Crazy housemates: – A weekly comedy series that talks about two housemates who are always committing atrocities or making stupid decisions. This is designed to make you laugh out your stress on weekly basis, please stay tuned.
  • 3. Street chat: This is the Public Opinion part of our programmes, this brings to you the view of the public, it is in three forms
    i. it comes with a serious question on the state of nation, economy, politics, education, labour etc.
    ii. It will be funny questions, for comic relief.
    iii. It comes as prank.
  • 4. Igba wa se:– This a pure Yoruba weekly programme that will touch the in-depth part of Yoruba culture, tradition, language etc that has been misinterpreted, neglected or wrongly modified. It is going to be poetic in style. This will open your mind to the beautiful parts of your origin.
  • 5. News: – We cast news on weekly basis, our news shall cover the major incidents that have happened over the week, we promise to deliver professionally with unbiased mind and without emotional attachment.
  • 6. Paper-review: – This is Live in studio, where two wonderful personnel shall be in studio to analyze, commend, condemn and criticize the weekly reports in our national dailies.. It promises to be informative.
  • 7. Reporting: – The report will come on different issue, e.g. entertainment, politics, youths, crime, culture, agriculture etc, our numerous reporters will be our eyes and ears everywhere, reporting incidents, history, inventions, activities, celebrations, animal stories etc you cannot afford to miss the information, gossips and gist.
  • 8. The bridge: – It is a personality corner, where we interview wonderful but great minds that are doing well, touching lives, raising standard, innovative or creative people that can serve as source of strength to those plying same route.

Other programmes are meant to follow as we grow in size and capacity.

We hereby call on sponsors and partners on this to ensure smooth delivery and total realization of the dream, it is a great platform to advertise your product and services, reach more people through us.
While awaiting all the juicy programmes, please Kindly like, follow and reach us through the following handles:

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BTR Lenses is a brainchild of Better Tomorrow and has since Inception been quality minded about production output in Osun, specialized in the area of Cinematography, video editing, documentary, TV production, broadcasting and process of production. The organization is well grounded and rounded in the media world.

BTR Lenses is a production company, birthed from its show Better Tomorrow Show is progressive and dynamic in outlook and constantly uses its opportunities to promote and actualize the enhanced development of the media in Osun State. Her activities in Production such as: video shoot, music video shoot, documentaries, production tricks, production excursion etc.  The same organization has produced several anti social vices messages available online platforms;