After a long waiting for a label Latasha Ngwube leads the charge on the plus-size style revolution with Latasha Ngwube who proclaimed her self as ‘curvy crusader’, and who is popularly known by the moniker ‘Latasha Lagos’ is a staple of the social scene in Lagos and an advocate for the plus-size community.

A style icon in her own right,Latasha constantly lends her support towards the body-posi movement, uplifting women through her advocacy and empowerment platform ‘About That Curvy Life’. In 2 decades the stars have finally aligned as Latasha,in collaboration with premium retail space, Grey Velvet, has launched her plus-size clothing line ‘The Curvy Monroe’, an homage to the most famous curvy girl of all, the inimitable Marilyn Monroe.

Latasha has put her heart, soul and time into “The Curvy Monroe” line and because it took so long to arrive, is an amalgamation of everything she imagined and so much more. In partnership with Grey Velvet, the top retail chain for premium ready-to-wear clothing, the team have created something incredible. “It took me 20 years. Exactly from when I was 16, I knew that I wanted to own one [a clothing line]. I don’t believe that I have any real design talent but I think I know good clothes. I know good clothes on all body types, because I’m in fashion. But, most importantly, because I love to look nice, I love beautiful fashion. It’s been disappointing to me to not be able to walk into just about anywhere and get the clothes of my dreams.” It was simply due to a problem that many fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria face; poor infrastructure. From disappointment from tailors to production woes.

There’s so many things that make curvy women feel 100% from the fabric that you’re wearing because you know you want to be comfortable and cool, breezy and light to little things like pockets that just make you not feel clumsy because you’re carrying your bag and you’re already big and have so many things around you, to hemlines because your bum will make the dresses ride up. It’s a curvy woman who is in fashion or who loves fashion and who loves to look good that is thinking about bringing the other women into the light.”

The likes of Latasha are the one’s that will change women confidence with the way she carries her self with swagger and confidence. That, is the power of fashion.This label is an affirmation from one curvy girl to another that you are and can be everything you ever imagined yourself to be.

By Adebola Sanni

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