All about the Auditions

We recently concluded our auditions and we had really lit participants and a swell time. Talent was flying everywhere and love was in the air. Check out some pictures from the audition below…. we’ve got videos and stories to tell soon (watch out for future posts and check our youtube channel).
Thanks to those who showed up at the audition, your inclusion is a big plus for the media family. Our team is currently reviewing all applications and Audition performances, once we are done, we will forward letter of acceptance to you which will indicate the production unit you are to work with.

Some Audition Participants

Be informed that once you are sent the letter, you will also be invited for the first production meeting.


Before we take off productions, little training will be organized to give us a better insight to media and how BTR TV is meant to work out. Production excursion to few media houses will follow in order to expose and prepare our minds for the tasks ahead.

BTR Television is an online based TV platform designed to inspire and add value through media. It is part of BTR Media BTR MEDIA which offers the best services in Photography (events and studio), Cinematography, Film and Music Video Shoots

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